Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DIY Canopy

yellow and white canopy bed STEP 1: Unscrew a plastic 10-inch embroidery hoop ($2.99; so that it opens; discard the inner ring. STEP 2: Slide two 44-inch-wide rod-pocket curtain panels onto the hoop and screw it back together. Or sew your own curtains, as we did, from awning fabric ($30 per yard; for stores.) Either way, the panels should be atleast 96" long. STEP 3: Take two 24-inch lengths of half-inch-wide ribbon and tie one end of each (with a double knot) onto the hoop at the gaps between the curtains. STEP 4: Tie the ribbons' loose ends together in a bow. STEP 5: Screw a pot-rack hook ($5.99; into your ceiling. STEP 6: Slip the center of the bow over the hook to hang. Either way, the panels should be at least 96 inches long. Photo and directions from Country Living.

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