Monday, January 30, 2012

I heart Oakland Dolls

I'm excited to be working with Jen Vallez from Sophie & Lili on these adorable
Oakland girl and boy dolls!  Coming soon!

Gift Shows

Yesterday I decided to head over to San Mateo and attend the Northern California
Fashion Market.  I don't normally attend theses shows because my focus is on local
and independent designers the large shows don't cater to my needs.  I went in with
VERY low expectations.  As I walked the show my fears were being met - I saw A
LOT of made in China - welcome to my world!  As I approached the booth of  relish SF
I perked up!  Beautiful scarves and jewelry were displayed - I didn't want to get my hopes
up but I proceeded to ask the dreaded question:   Where are these made?   Harmony, who
was nursing her 3 month old baby girl {insert smile} stated that the scarves were designed
and made in Portland, OR - WHAT?!  I was SO excited!  An order was promptly placed
with Dana Herbert, who makes beautiful scarves and bags.  I LOVE how the photo below
of Nicole Richie wears one scarf three ways - happy dance!

As Harmony was writing up my order I poked around her booth and came across another
designer that makes and designs her jewelry in Washington, DC - I was on a roll!  I placed
an order with jewelry designer Daphne Olive - I'm excited to start selling both of these new
made in the USA lines in my shop.  So, I guess the moral of this story is you can find Made
in the USA products at the big shows - you have to work a little harder to find it but it's well
worth it!  Happy shopping!

{a sample of Daphne Olive jewelry}