Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Flickr Find - Creature Comforts

a corner of my home by Creature Comforts.

two by Creature Comforts.

A corner of my office by Creature Comforts.

PINK - Candles with black background by Creature Comforts.

All the Valentine's by Creature Comforts.

I love this post!  Ez had so many pretty photos I had a hard time
choosing just a few.  Be sure to check out her photography over at
her Flickr page Creature Comforts.  Like so many creative ladies she
also has a blog and etsy shop.  A lot of eye candy for one day.  Enjoy!


basic tote in acqua stripes 
We have a WINNER!  Congrats Heather from Gathering Spriggs!
Thank you to everyone who entered. 

This is my very first giveaway and I'm very excited to be offering this 
fantastic basic tote from DrikaB!  All you have to do is view my blog 
postings and leave a comment letting me know which post is your favorite 
and why.  I'm new to blogging and I would love your feedback!  TWEET
about this giveaway and get an extra entry!  I will pick a winner at random 
on Wednesday, October 6th.  Have fun and good luck!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Anthro Love!

Print Arts

Belt Science

Textured Arts

Tailored Science

Nautical Science

Accessory Science

I love everything about these outfits from Anthropologie.  I wish I
had deep pockets!  I still have a gift card my hubby gave me for my
birthday - hmmmmm what's a girl to buy?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Etsy Finds - A Grey Morning

Pamela Hand Knitted Jacket 
Pamela hand knitted jacket by alasdelsur.

Snow Queen sweater by designbyniha.

Silver Back Kimono Cardigan / Jacket, black and silver 
Silver Back Kimono Cardigan by ileaiye.

Long Grey sweater dress 
Long Grey sweater dress by larimeloom.
Smoke and Mirrors Smock OOAK 
Smoke and Mirrors Smock OOAK by yearofthegoat.
SORAYA - shrug / bolero 
Soraya shrug by ixela.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Country & City Blocks

country mini blocks 
city mini blocks 
country mini blocks 
I just ordered these beautiful country & city blocks from Fidoodle.  Made
from non-toxic inks and left over maple wood from an Ontario hardwood 
floor company.  I also love the packaging.  I should receive my order next
week! Give me a call if you want a set put aside for you!  510.653.1639.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Heirloom at Bella Vita!

jlsheets reserve                                      organic - now and then blouse - 005 

jlsheets reserve 

jlsheets reserve                                                        pima cotton - vintage doilie dress - 059 

jlsheets reserve                             flowers and ruffle shirt - 051 

jlsheets reserve                                        organic - cotton and ruffles - 006 
I'm so excited to be carrying Heirloom at Bella Vita.  My first shipment
just arrived today.  I'm having a hard time deciding which one is my
favorite - off to the fitting room I go!  More photos to come after I set
up the window.  Stop by the store to pick up YOUR favorite.  I have a
feeling these are not going to last long!

tue - sat 11:00 - 6:00
sun 12:00 - 5:00

5407 college avenue
oakland, ca  94618

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Etsy Art - Sharon Montrose

Sheep, 7 x 8 Fine Art Print 

Bunny No. 1, 7 x 8 Fine Art Print 
Baby Chick No. 1, 7 x 8 Fine Art Print 
Baby Deer, 7 x 8 Fine Art Print 
Prairie Dogs, 7 x 8 Fine Art Print 
Baby Crowned Crane No. 1, 7 x 8 Fine Art Print 
Porcupine, 7 x 8 Fine Art Print 

I came across Sharon Montroses' prints last night while I was on Etsy.
I love the simplicity of her photographs.  The animals look so peaceful.  
If you are curious like I was if the animals are real - Yes, they are.  Most 
of the animals live happily at a private California zoo.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pretty Pics over at Rice

Pretty pictures from Rice.  I LOVE the colors
and the mix of patterns.  It's such a lovely site
to peruse.  I always leave with a smile on my

Monday, September 21, 2009

Etsy Seller - Timeless Vixen Vintage

1950's Vintage Ceil Chapman Couture Strapless Steel-Blue Beaded Sequin and Rhinestone Tulle Circle-Skirt Princess Wedding Party Gown Dress 

Reserved for Vegan22 1950's Vintage Angelic Seafoam-Blue Sparkling Appliqued Sequin-Tulle Sweetheart Low-Plunge Rockabilly Princess Circle-Skirt Wedding Party Prom Cocktail Dress 

1950's Vintage Elegant Ivory-White Ruched Shelf-Bust Strapless Plunge Sculpted Silk-Taffeta Couture Rockabilly Bombshell Circle-Skirt Wedding Party Cocktail Dress 

1950's Vintage Baby-Blue Ruched Silk-Chiffon Couture One-Shoulder Asymmetric Grecian-Goddess Princess Circle-Skirt Wedding Party Prom Cocktail Dress 

1950's Vintage Elegant Ruched-Strapless I.Magnin Designer-Couture Aqua and White Sequin Silk-Taffeta Bombshell Peplum Prom Wedding Party Cocktail Dress Gown 

1950's Vintage Strapless Ivory-White and Baby-Blue Heavily-Sequined Tulle Couture Floral-Appliques Princess Bombshell Circle-Skirt Wedding Party Cocktail Dress

These are some of the most beautiful vintage gowns I have ever seen!  Be sure
to pop over to Timeless Vixen Vintage and take a look at her entire collection.
If I were getting married or had a special event I would be buying one of these
gorgeous frocks!  It just amazes me that these gowns are over 50 years old.  So
timeless and beautifully made.  Enjoy!
"Fashions fade, style is eternal" - Yves Saint Laurent

Friday, September 18, 2009

a look back

Being that today is my 10 year anniversary
I found myself pulling out my wedding
photographs.  I should do this more often.
We had such a wonderful day celebrating with
family and friends.  Olivia made me smile, while
I was looking at the photos - she said " Mama, where
am I"?  That's a whole other conversation!