Tuesday, March 16, 2010

blog it forward

I'm excited to be participating in the blog if forward mashup!
Victoria from sfgirlbybay put this together and it has been so
fun to follow everyone.  If this is your first time visiting thanks so
much for stopping by.  Be sure to head over to Billede Design,
Kiki is up next.  Before I forget, thanks to Behind the Red Door
for passing the torch.

I've been thinking a lot about what inspires me.  Like so many
bloggers before me it's hard to narrow it down - so many things
inspire me.  I'll try to stay focused.  Lets begin!

{simple beauty}

I love the simple elegance of Audrey Hepburn.  So
classic.  Oh how she made beauty seem so effortless!

{vintage fashion}

There is something about a beautiful vintage dress.  This 
dress is a 1950's Dior and it is exquisite!  I sometimes think 
I was born in the wrong era!  Everything about this photograph 
inspires me.

{great bones}
Oakland Station 0047 by Dead Slow.  
I love this image of the old Oakland Train Station.  It's beautiful as is. 
I would love to have a party here - want to join me? 

{mixed decor}
(via myfarmhouse) 

I love the mix of new and vintage in the home.  This couch looks
so comfy - you can curl up with a good book and a cup of tea and 
lounge for hours.

{flower power}

I am definitely a girly girl and this image has it all!  I
love the scale of the umbrella and the overall beauty of
this photo.  I want those shoes!

{the outdoors}
Magic forest: Pink by Sameli. 

I wish I would take more time out of my days to stop
and smell the flowers, trees and plants.  My four year
old daughter has brought this to my attention and I need
to remind myself.

{the best inspiration}

Speaking of my daughter...........................this is Olivia.
She is the most energetic, funny, curious little girl.  She
inspires me everyday!

{my hubby}

This photo was taken at Olivia's fourth birthday party.  Marc is
the best dad and husband.  He is so supportive and allows me to
have full creativity over my business (Bella Vita).  He loves being
a father and is so good at it.  He has the patience of a saint and makes
Olivia & Me laugh everyday!  I love you!

Well, I think that is it for my blog it forward post.  I hope you enjoyed
your stay and I hope you will come back again. 

"Don't follow your dreams; chase them" - Richard Dumb


  1. Lovely post! Everything you've posted is so inspiring. I especially love that vintage dress - amazing!

  2. awesome :D you have a lot of great inspirations :D

  3. thanks alli and jenny! this was so much fun to put together. i love all the inspiration out there - it makes it easy to be inspired! have a lovely day.

  4. awesome inspirations...i so want that umbrella!!!

  5. What a gorgeous post. Your inspirations are inspiring :)...What a lovely way to "meet" you. Thank you for sharing this part of yourself.


  6. always a fan of mixed decor..and the flower power image is insane..this is reminding me i need to get working on my post!

  7. That is an awesome Audrey Hepburn photo--not the typical one--I love it. This blog really describes your taste buds perfectly!

  8. Very sweet. I am inspired by Audrey, too. :)

  9. Beautiful list—that train station is so gorgeous! And I love that last quote. Thanks for sharing!

  10. These are all gorgeous! I'm loving the huge umbrella and the merry-go-round ride.