Monday, October 19, 2009

Rainy Days

Art Print- Rain Boots - 5x7 
Art Print Rain Boots by lynseandfancy 

Rainy day 
Rainy Day Necklace by sweetmini 

Rain Drops and Umbrella Vinyl Decal Wall Sticker Mural Art Cascading 
Rain Drops & Umbrella Decal by HouseHoldWords 

A Simply Wet Day 
A Simply Wet Day by simplyimpish
NEW Japanese Fabric - Der Name einer schwarzen Katze ist Lolo in pink- 1/2 yard 
Japanese Umbrella Fabric from JamsaBon 

Umbrella Girl 
Umbrella Girl by tittleandjot 

Umbrella and Rain We belong Together 
We belong Together Pins by birdsandnests
whisperous rain - cameo umbrella pendant pin. 
Umbrella Pin by ohhellofriend
Squirrel In The Rain Brooch 
Squirrel in the Rain Brooch by humblebea 

Showers - Printable NoteCard, Stationery, and Gift Card Set 
Showers Printable Cards by upup 

I hope you enjoyed this collection of rainy day finds.  It's
been raining like crazy here and I love how happy these
images are.  Enjoy.


  1. Ooh, what a cool collection! I miss rainy days :)

  2. fabulous picks! i love that rainboots art print at the top, so cute!

  3. i soo dig umbrellas too!!!
    and raindrops!
    they go hand in hand like laverne and shirley!