Thursday, August 27, 2009

Olivia's Room

I've been asked on several occasions to share photos of Olivia's room. I took the rare opportunity to snap a few pics while her room was clean! I think her room is my favorite room in our house. I hope you enjoy. This photo is looking into Olivia's room. The watercolor on the door was done by her Mor-Mor (swedish for grandmother).
This is her play kitchen where many meals get served up. Her daddy put this together and there must of been a million pieces! The painting of the three owls was a gift from my talented friend Bella Bigsby. Olivia's big girl bed. Now if she would only sleep in it! On her bed sits a sophieandlili doll. I love Jennifer's dolls! IKEA boxes under the bed gives us more storage! I love this dollhouse. The people and the furniture are so realistic. I got the little highchair at a local thrift shop. Her Uncle Aly and Mark gave her the cute doll. She named her Pia! The little owl purse is from Giddy Giddy and the fleece poncho is from Skipping Hippos. Two local companies I just adore! The vintage "olivia" label is from an old orange crate. I love the vintage blocks. Olivia loves her Groovey Girl. We compromised! Some of my favorite items sit on top of Olivia's dresser. I love the vintage doll and bunny. I purchased these at the Long Beach Antique Fair before Olivia was born. I also treasure the little poem she made at play school for mother's day. Hello Kitty is a favorite! I also love the pink Polka Dot chair. Her bookshelf gets A LOT of use! We enjoy our tea time at the table.

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